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  • Mickael Paris

Helensburgh Fireworks 2022 - Magic from the water

Because of the COVID 10 Pandemic, Helensburgh inhabitants have been deprived from their annual fireworks display.

With restrictions being lifted we were very keen to bring back this yearly event that families are so looking forward to.

2022 was to be a bit different however. With all the work underway at Helensburgh Pier, it wasn't possible for us to organise the usual display. Instead we had to improvise and decided to shoot the light show from the water.

Thanks to the generosity of GSS Plant we were provided with a barge, enabling us to have the display in from of Helensburgh & Lomond Civic Centre.

No car park meant no bonfire, however, Helensburgh Scouts were keen to help and provided us with a Guy to burn on the night.

Over 4,000 people attended the event and enjoyed food and merchandises.

It was another amazing show from our friends at Midnight Storm Fireworks

Relive the show below.

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